Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lily Makes a Wish

My daughter Lily, who is 11, went through an incredible faze of wishing when she was 4 years old. I'm lucky I didn't get into an accident during this time because she almost always said these things while I was driving--and I of course had to write them down.

The thing that amazes me is that she is complaining, but they are all phrased as wishes. First she gives a solution and that is almost always followed by the problem. It shows an amazing dissatisfaction with life's little annoyances at the age of 4. She's still creative in her problem seeing and solving.

She also seems obsessed about wanting things to be sticky.

Lily's Wishes at 4 Years Old

"I wish I were invisible so I could walk through walls--then if my room was hot I could sink under the floor."

"I wish I were a tree. They only need air and water and dirt--and the don't need sleep."

"I wish I could walk up things." I ask her "Like what Lily?" "Like walls" and then just as she is falling asleep, "All we'd need is really sticky shoes."

"I wish there were beds at church and pillows."

"I wish we could put another car on top of our car and then we could take another family wherever we go."

"I wish we had water cake and water plates and water candles, then we wouldn't have to wash our hands after we eat birthday cake."

"I wish we were a house, then people could open the door and we could say, 'Hey! don't open that.'"

"I wish we had a snack machine for everything, because then we could have banana bars, vanilla bars, butter cups, everything we don't have at home."

"I wish we had sticky hats and gloves, then we should never lose them."

"I wish I was a spider, then I could climb on the ceiling."

"I wish we were goers, not stoppers."

"I wish there was a t.v. in our car because then Joey would be quiet."

"I wish back packs could fly because when we're too tired to carry it it could fly."

"I wish I could be on top of a cloud factory because then I could float and jump and not fall." Lily said this as we drove past a refinery with smoke billowing from it's stack.

"I wish I were shy then I wouldn't have to talk to anyone."

"I wish walls were soft, then they wouldn't hurt my head."

"I wish we had sticky shoes and we could climb Mt. Everest and stay on the trail and we could do cart wheels up and not fall and we don't even need to use our hands because everything is sticky."

"I wish I had taste buds on my hand, so I could taste everything." Lily said this as she put her hand flat against a table, a wall --her hair. --This is my personal favorite.

"I wish I had three hands because then I could hold three cars, and three barbies at the same time."

At the end of her wishing faze as we were once again alone in the car--with all the other girls in school she said, "If you didn't have me Mom you wouldn't have anyone to talk to."


  1. i was the weirdest kid in the world! plus my catch phrase right now is every one is weird in their own special way. that was so funny.