Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Year Without: Volume 3 "IKEA Comes to Town"

A sore test--IKEA. I don't know when my love affair with IKEA began. It is not an uncommon love--many of my friends have it and most students do too. You'd think by the time I was 40 that I would have outgrown it, but not me. So there I was three months into "A Year Without" and it opens. The first store in Utah. I had not planned well. Why didn't I start this crazy test in June or better yet next year.

I love the clever furniture, the affordable dishware, the spare decor and the wonderfully exciting and sometimes challenging Scandinavian minimalism. Okay--this is all a high falluting way of saying I love all the style for the cheap prices. It was always so easy to justify shopping there, almost a duty, with all those great bargains. Every vacation to California I felt very justified in filling the back of the car with IKEA must haves.

I watched the news, saw the people waiting in line, sleeping out two nights to have the privileges of being the first in the new store. I never understood sleeping on the sidewalk waiting for the new Star Wars movie, but waiting for the new IKEA this I understood. I kept trying to figure out a scenario where I would just go and window shop, but really I knew that I just had to stay away. I did it until Feb 17, 2007--my next birthday and on that day I went and ended "A Year Without' at IKEA. I bought a whole new set of dishes and several different types of drinking glasses. It was fantastic!

To be continued--...

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