Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 16 - High Anxiety--I mean--Low Anxiety

As you can see today is January 16th! I've been able to stay on track for all of those 16 days. So here's the down low. I pride myself on not being a terribly anxious person--I can handle stress--no problem. Until I take away my medications (TV & munching).

I don't feel extremely anxious, it's just this kind of low level hum of anxiety. Like I should be doing something and can't remember what. The feeling that in the past sent me to numb myself in front of the TV or the refrigerator. I'm trying to combat this in healthier ways like writing and conversing. Yet, the subversive side still comes out and now I'm reading New Moon (book 2 in Twilight series) for a fix! It works with just the right level of distraction and might I add numbing.

If you have any healthier alternatives just let me know.

Here's the rest of the story. I am really feeling much better. I have a lot more energy which is fantastic. I am also getting a lot done--especially with writing, thus the strange behavior with my book! I've also lost 10 pounds since January 1. Yeah! Tomorrow is the 17th --my cheat day, but Emily my sister is making wiener schnitzel on Sunday the 18th. I am not going to miss that, so the 18th is my cheat day this month.

16 days down only 349 days left.


  1. Oh no! I can't believe I'm missing wiener schnitzel!

  2. Mmmmmmmmm. Emily's weinerschnitzel. OOOHhhhhhh.

  3. So how is the Diet Coke drinking. I find when I cut something out - the diet coke increases - there is nothing wrong with that! You have to have some pleasure! You are amazing!

  4. I think that reading New Moon is a terrible Idea stick with one of the less dippressing ones Like Twilight, Breaking Dawn, or Eclips. There just is not enough Edward in New Moon how is that Helthy?! :) I think what you are is doing is Awesome! When I need a boost to help me keep it going I watch the Biggest looser. Its so motivating!!!!!