Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 2: Resolution Reality

You may not believe it but I've made it for a day and a half. I've eaten low fat, no sugar, and watched no TV.

Yesterday I read my resolutions to my husband before I published them and then uploaded to my blog. Seriously maybe 5 minutes had gone by when I entered my bedroom; my husband was GLEEFULLY deleting things off the DVR. He turned to me and said, "It's okay right--I can get rid of everything you've recorded, including the timers?" It was shocking. I didn't know he had such strong feelings about my viewing choices. Our communication may not be as good as it should be 20 years into marriage.

The TV thing might just about kill me. It shows how addicted I am--I listened to NPR all day yesterday just to have something to think about. Hopefully once I go back to work next week I'll be okay, but whose great idea was to do this while still on Christmas break? Looking on the bright side; the TV resolution is helping with the food resolution for now, because that feels like no big deal.

On the food front, there were a few landmines hidden around the house. First the Guittard 9690 Wafers Non-Pareil Mints in the Santa dish. Very yummy and very sugar and fat filled. I pulled my little fingers back from the brink. Then there was also the M & M filled candy cane bowl on the kitchen table--I had another close call there, but I made it through. Maybe it would help if I just put away the Christmas Decorations--that's an idea on January 2, 2009.

Woot! Only 363 1/2 Days left!


  1. No way I could make it a WHOLE YEAR w/o tv!
    I would kill myself!

  2. Eden--wholly cow!!! You are so funny!!! I love your blog. However, I think you should consider "A Year With"!!! Without is an impossible concept for me. You are going to have a year with better health and mind. I am routing for you!!! Cheri

  3. I fully support your decisions... But I think I'm having an anxiety attack over here, just imagining going without television! Seriously, I'm kind of hyperventilating just typing this...
    I have to go.