Thursday, January 29, 2009

Setbacks Schmetbacks

I awoke yesterday with a different brain. It was as if I had been possessed by a nagging hunger that was deep--not just deep--it was cavernous--not just cavernous--it was galactic--not just galactic--it was infinite. Yep, that's the word. I woke up with an infinite hunger, that would not be sated. I know you're sad--because you thought I was perfect. I am sorry for the disillusionment.

It couldn't be sated with low-fat & high fiber soy nuts, whole wheat pretzels, Wendy's Chicken Sandwich without sauce, Wendy's Small Chili (on the edge of the 4g of fat thing), chicken gyro (okay that was a skid off the edge) of which I only ate 1/2, and okay the final truth and I am only going to whisper it French fries and fry sauce. Yes, I ate like 15! I just couldn't stop. My first real cheat!

I just felt like eating JUNK! Thus, the foray to Wendy's and when I picked up my hungry daughter from dance, Apollo Burger. Honestly. The French fry craving had been building for days, but I was handling it--no problem. I had perspective. What made me lose that perspective? I didn't feel stressed or down. I animated those fries, like they were talking to me, like they had power. They don't have power--I DO! Tarnation.

I take a deep breath. Today I am back in the drivers seat--where food is fuel--nothing more, it doesn't dance, it doesn't tempt, it is there to serve me and make me strong!


  1. It's probably just me, but dancing food does not serve to increase the temptation.

    My food should not have a face.

    Don't worry about the splurge- Fries are impossible to ignore!

  2. i didnt know i was the problem

  3. So I want to know - after not having that greasy stuff for so long, could you just feel the grease coat the inside of your mouth? Now that should make them more appetizing.

  4. i'm so proud of you, you deserve each and everyone of those 15 french fries. i hope they were either from eat a burger, mcdonalds (my personal favorite), or In n' out burger (which isn't really possible unless you drove down to St. George or out of state to satisfy your hunger).

    Also dancing hot dog=creepy times ten