Friday, February 6, 2009

Nuked by Battlestar Galactica

Last week my son had a cold, then my daughter and this week me! Yeah, it was the stuffy nose, itchy throat, wish I could sleep type of classic common cold. I hate the I can't sleep part. I can always sleep. I'm the type of person that can board a plane in New York City, wrap a blanket around myself and wake up as the plane begins to descend in Salt Lake City. I can sleep in my chair at work, it only happened once and get this--my own snore woke me up. I can even sleep in those wooden carrels at the University of Utah. Yesterday, I was finally so exhausted that I fell asleep on my bedroom floor because it felt like the bed was too far away.

All this is a lengthy prelude to a justification. I stayed home from work yesterday--which honestly kind of made me mad, because I like to work. I just couldn't get up the gumption to get out of my pajamas--a sure sign that I was sick. So, I'm home and sick and my throat is not allowing me to sleep, even with Dayquil. It's 10:30 am. I think you know where this is going, I'm alone in my room. I've been in bed all morning and I can't sleep. Is that enough justification for a TELEVISION ORGY. I say YES!

It started with 3 episodes of Battlestar Galactica. (If you haven't seen it don't knock it.) Then it was only 1pm. Still can't sleep, then by all means queue up, 24. I think it was only SEVEN hours on the DVR--which sans ads is only like FIVE hours. Add it up--yes right there it's 7.5 hours consumed TV, so far. The kids have come home, leftovers reheated, kids to dance, then back to the TV. Yes, this time Privileged. I know--since my husband erased all my other shows--see I even blame him.

It's was 10pm. I tried valiantly to sleep and couldn't. (I tried for a whole 10 minutes I swear.) Then I took one last look at the DVR. I found The Constant Gardener. I love John le Carre, I love Ralph Fiennes, and I love Rachel Weisz. I watched the whole thing, finishing at midnight--my husband was snoring, I had the captions on--There is something wrong with me!


The flesh is weak.

It taught me a lesson. I don't think I could do this no TV thing if I were home all the time. The house is so very quiet and my mind is kind of loud--TV can be such a lovely opiate. Also, I think I'm going to need one day a month where I can watch what I want. I'm going to have to add that to my rules.

The last lesson I've learned is that TV TOTALLY ROCKS--and I probably need to keep not watching it if I want to get anything done.


  1. Good for you Eden! BSG and 24 are really not television shows is more of an experience. Glad you got caught up. Thank goodness you got sick!

  2. It's very dangerous having one of your bosses read your blog. It's hard to stay on the down-low! You're right though it's not TV it's and experience--that's the justification I've been looking for.

  3. Good for you, Eden. I really think without television, we would all be a touch mad.