Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What kind of person are you?

I divide the world into two groups, yes people and no people.

You might be a YES person if:

*You line up outside stores before they open the day after Thanksgiving.
*You like to go duck hunting in 20 degree F weather at 5:00 in the morning--or you like to do anything before 9AM.
*You get home from a long day and someone calls you up to go to dinner and you want to go.
*You like answering the phone.
*You go to Lagoon (or any amusement park) more than once a year.
*You would rather do anything than read.
*You think fun doesn't sounds like more work--than actual work.
*You go to Easter Egg Hunts, St Patrick's Day Parties, & 4th of July Breakfasts religiously.
*You volunteer for the PTA.
*You go to Community Meetings.
*You think seeing things live may be better than watching them on TV.
*You can't think of reasons not to do things.

Well, I fail the above test. I am a NO person. I like things quiet--peaceful. I blame it on Graves Disease that I had when I was 23. Graves disease causes the thyroid to become hyperactive. I felt wired all of the time. I drove from SLC, Utah to Portland, Oregon--12 hours straight with out caffeine or anything more than a pit stop. My hands shook and I felt stressed out. So now, many, many years later whenever I feel that stressed out feeling I equate that to illness and I don't like it at all. So I try to keep my life simple (well as simple as is possible in this frantic world).

Here's the joke on me. I work for YES people. In fact almost every morning I come in to work and someone asks me to do something that I'm pretty sure is impossible. In my mind I'm thinking, "You want me to research that--I'm pretty sure there isn't any information on that. Cows can't live there! You want to go where? They don't let people in there! I'm sure that there aren't any flights and I know you can't get a visa. We can't do that--there." Then I sit down and start typing on my keyboard and you know what--It is possible to go anywhere if you really want to and people will research and write about pretty much anything (irony intended). Amazing. I've shocked myself by loving it--it's like a little puzzle I need to solve. It's turned me into an open minded NO person.

I may start using it on my kids and myself. Maybe you can have friends over if the house isn't clean. Maybe you could play that contact sport. Maybe I'm not too old to take up the Lambada. Maybe I will write a romance novel--(Did I type that out loud?).


  1. If you write a romance novel, I want to be your first reader :P. I also failed your test, are there really people that enjoy things before 9AM? REALLY?!?

  2. I am totally a yes person. But I would like to learn to be more of a no person. Can you give me lessons?

  3. I hope you write a romance novel!!! I would read it. I am a yes person and I love to read. What does that make me. I say yes to much though so I can't read as much as I want to.
    See you at Book Club. PS thanks for the yummy salad.

  4. Bailie: Yes there are people that even get up at 6:00am! Shocking!

    Jenny: I wouldn't change a thing about you!

    Cher: The reason you can read and be a yes person is you are the ultimate morning person!!!