Friday, August 21, 2009

Herbivore, Carnivore or Omnivore--Oh My!

I need help. I cannot decide what diet to do next. I am taking my daughter back to school in NYC and have therefore decided to stay on Atkins for one more week because it is easy to do while traveling. So you all have one week to help me decide what direction to go.
There are some very interesting selections on Check them out if you’re really in a pickle for an idea.

There are lots and lots of options. My only criteria is that they don’t require a doctor’s supervision (oh yea and they don’t require lots and lots of dinero!). I got some great ideas from my sister-in-law C. She gave me a recipe book for Skinny Bitches, I am tempted to do this diet just so I could blog those words over and over! It’s a low fat vegetarian type, lactose free type, meat-free type diet (exactly opposite of what I’ve been doing). It looks hard, but doable and I’ve always wanted to be bitchier.

My sister-in-law also sent me a link to the Dash diet. This diet is rich in veggies and low fat milk products. It has some fat in it and looks balanced—I’m not sure it is perfect for weight loss, but it looks great for relieving hypertension (which I don’t have).

Here are some others I am thinking of. Nutri System (a little pricey though), South Beach, Dr. Ornish’s “Eat More, Weigh Less” (Hurray for that! I’m all for eating more (this is very low-fat and almost vegetarian), Weight Watchers Online Program, French Women Don’t Get Fat (This one requires you just to eat less of what you already eat—I don’t know—that sounds like it might involve willpower! Eeeek!), Body for Life (This is plan is rich in low-fat proteins, complex carbs and fruit and veggies—it also includes weight lifting/aerobic exercise etc). I also have a one page diet given to my dad by his trainer. It looks like a modified Body For Life program—with lots and lots of fruits and veggies.

So as you can see I need help. HELP ME!


  1. Im just starting a diet that I will be blogging about Its the Aci Berry Diet with a cleans what you do is take a pill both day and night it helps clean out your body and you loose weight. It has really good reviews and even Rachael Ray lost alot of weight doing it. It was on Opra's show and right now you can try it for 14 days free all you pay is shipping and handling wich total was like 5 dollers. I just orderd mine I will let you know how it works-or you can follow my blog about it. I dont just want to loose weight I want to feel better! Let me know if your interested. :)

  2. Is there an ice cream only diet? That would be pretty good.

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  4. Sorry, I deleted my earlier comment because I mistyped. If you go to and look up Smart For Life cookie diet, you could eat cookies and shed the pounds. Yeah, probably another bad diet, but it seemed kinda funny.

    The South Beach diet might be a good transition diet from Atkins. Good luck.

  5. Eden...I also noticed that Costco has the nutrisystem program for around $260 and that includes 5 weeks of food which doesn't seem too bad. Go to Costco and you can see it there. Good luck.