Saturday, August 29, 2009

Next Month's Diet Locked and Loaded

It was great to be in New York City. My daughter and I made the tour of art galleries and food. We ate at Italian, Thai, Indian, French restaurants and of course I had to make a jaunt down to Magnolia Bakery. So what if I gained 3 pounds (life for me is a little two steps forward and one step back. I wish I was one of those linear people who just seem to march forward.)

I would like to sincerely thank those of you who gave me ideas on my next diet while I was out of town. I will have to look into the Acai Diet from Ashley, the Cookie Diet from Sam, the ice cream diet from Dan and next month I'm definitely looking into the Nutri-System discount at Costco. Thanks for your help!

Well, I have decided on, Weight Watchers Online program. Each food is given a point value and then you eat a set amount of points a day--with a little cushion of extra weekly points to round out the program. Veggies are really low in points (most are none at all) and fruits are also low. The diet encourages low-fat and fiber rich foods. I signed up today and made it one day with the correct amount of points--Yea! Although for dinner I couldn't resist the french fries my husband brought home and after I ate them I looked up how many points they were-9! That was pretty much the rest of my points for the evening. I added a peach and that was dinner. I think I better look up the points before I eat. (Definitely should have looked before I leaped.)


  1. Good for you I did weight watchers to loose weight for my wedding its a great program I lost 20lbs on it and you get pro and figuring out what things are the more fiber the less points fiber one bars are taisty and only one point!!! Mmmm and green beans are free points let me tell you those saved my life when I first started, it was ten pm and I was out of points TG! Good luck!
    Oh P.S. the Acia diet was a scam :( So yeah stay away from that.

  2. I've been doing weight watchers off and on for years and really love it.

    I know what you are saying about the fries... one time I was going to eat a piece of pizza and then looked up the point value and it was 14! i had like only 20 points for the day.

    recently to help me lose weight I've been drinking crystal light energy and crystal light metabolism. I lost like 3lbs last week.

    anyway SORRY about going off about weight loss... i know i totally sounded like some crystal light spammer who found your blog and now wants you to join my miracle weight loss bootcamp and pay me $50 a minute.

    phew that was a mouthfull!