Friday, September 4, 2009

Lies all Lies, I Tell You

Many of the people I know who have lost weight and kept it off used Weight Watchers. I have just one question—How? Yes, you heard me—How?

I like to lie to myself, I am an expert. If there are dishes in the sink at night I think, “I’ll get up early and wash them” (lie). I have other favorites like, “I’ll exercise later” “I’ll start a diet tomorrow” “I’ll read that large work report at home over the weekend” “I’ll take the kids to Lagoon this year” “I’ll call that person later” “I’ll go grocery shopping on my way home from work.”

I could go on all day. I am an expert liar.

You may think that I am a generally dishonest person, but usually my lies are reserved for me, myself and I.

This brings me to Weight Watchers. It is sensible, flexible, encourages health eating, and gives tons of options. I’ve found out one thing this week.
Options=Lies to self.

For instance:

“I’ll have this piece of pizza for breakfast, it is 9 points, but I can eat veggies for lunch. I’ll have these Peanut M & M’s for a snack at work—that’s the great thing about WW you can have things like that and just count the points.”
By noon I have two-thirds of my daily points and I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Then at dinner, “That’s okay that I only have 2 points left for the day—I’ll just use some of my weekly points—I have 35 of those. I can even have ice-cream on those points. Who cares if it’s only the first day of the week and I’ve used all my daily and weekly points! I’ll be a vegetarian the rest of the week.”

Lies all lies. I tell you all those successful people out there must not lie to themselves. They must have respect and are as honest to their own self as they are to others. Wow, what a concept.

P.S. I don’t weight myself until Sunday—so the jury is still out!


  1. On the "Ice cream" diet the "ice cream" is zero points. Thats why it is in quotations.

  2. I know!!! Everyone lies, including Weight Watchers. I don't believe in the extra points either. I think that is a lie toooooo. I figure if you do this diet a couple days a week you are doing great!!!! LIE???????

  3. Just remember Eden everyday is a new day dont give up because you had a terrible day. Its all about making new habits I was just bloging about that. And also If you really need that Ice Cream Eat it! Love it! then get Dan to go walking with you later that evining Im sure he would love to go with you and one of my Fav parts of the weight watchers is that by exersising you can gain back points. Some weeks that totaly saved me!
    I also am a Lier to myself which is why I am constantly hopping from diet to diet and going down and up with my weight so Im really tring to change the way I think this is a habit changing issue not a weight loss issue. Check out my blog if ya like I have a insperationaly quote and all that. ;) Good luck I know you can do it! XOXO
    P.S. Per your last blog I totaly made the "Ugh!" noise when I read the part about Dan bringing home the fries! A:How the heck dose he have the will to consistantly get those hot taisty fries but not eat them?!, and B: He dose that at work also and a time or two I also Have been victom to coming back to those Hot taisty fries up for grabs on the back table -Its just not right!

  4. You can do it! And please don't listen to Dad about the ice cream doesn't work...