Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sugar Must Die!

Isn't sugar beautiful!

Look at it laughing at you in its crystalline, snowy perfection. You are looking at the devil. Sugar is the devil. Sugar is an evil invention meant to enslave us with sweet lies that throw strong wires of addiction over bodies growing fatter by the day! My number one problem is sugar.

My first diet month was the Atkins Diet and of course I couldn’t eat any sugar—none. I didn’t even eat any refined carbohydrates (or really any carbohydrates to tell you the truth). I felt great. I lost weight. I could see my ankle bones—and they are lovely. I had a modicum of self-control.
The next month I chose Weight Watchers because it seems so rational. Weight Watchers allows sugar and I ate it up—even though WW doesn’t necessarily recommend that you do. That was my Achilles’ heel. Sugar is the gateway drug. It is the highway to Hell. It is the gaping jaws of destruction that are waiting to chew me up and spit me out.

Did I get my point across? Was that dramatic enough for you?

So this month the diet I have chosen does not include the entrance of sugar into my glorious body. Also, after Weight Watchers I wanted something with more restrictions—more rules and less having to write things down.

So this month I'm a vegan baby! Yes, you heard me right—Vegan. I hesitate to say it’s the Skinny Bitch diet because I hate to promote a book that swears as much as that book does. I’m listening to it on tape and those women have major, major potty mouths. I find myself rolling up my windows in the car even though the weather is great because I don’t want anyone to hear those words coming out of my car.

So let’s just say for a month I am going to eat an abundance of: fruits, veggies, whole grains, soy, beans and not much else. Here’s the kicker—part of the diet is giving up soda and caffeine. I’m giving up Diet Coke for one month. I feel that I have become too dependant on Diet Coke and sugar so they are out the door. I’ve done vegetarian before but vegan is stricter; it requires giving up all animal products including dairy. I enjoy dairy I have nothing philosophically against dairy. I just want to see how it feels. (I will still wear my leather belts and shoes etc.—I’m not a fanatic!)
P.S. I already have a caffeine withdrawal headache and it it's only 8:30AM.

Final Word on WW

1st 15 days lost 2.5 pounds
2nd 15 days gained 1.5 pound (eek!!!!)
Total = Lost 1 pound


  1. Sugar is also my enemy. I would eat it every day all day if I could. I wish you luck being a vegan! Please eat Cafe Rio for me when you are finished!!!! :)

  2. Your ankle bones are lovely and please do not stop wearing leather. :-D

  3. Bailie--Thanks for the comment and I will definately get to Cafe Rio next month. Kathleen sure had fun when you were in town.

    Dan--You made me blush!

  4. Oh no! Vegan eating for our date night! Yikes!

  5. Way to go Mom! I bet you feel awesome on this diet!

  6. No MILK!!!!! I am breaking out in hives just thinking about it!!!!!! I am so proud of you! You amaze me!