Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Led Zeppelin--Proof Positive of a Parallel Universe

A few years ago my life turned upside down and it never righted itself. It wasn’t as if something terrible happened, life just shook me up and made me take a good long look at myself. Reality turned out to be—my reality and not necessarily the reality of others close to me. It was good to realize this—humbling—but good.

I thought it was not big deal at the time, but looking back 6 or 7 years I can see that I entered a parallel universe.

How I know it's a parallel universe:

1. I started not caring if I was late. I had always been 5 minutes early to everything in my life--now I'm usually on time, but I've lost the ability (or will) to always be on time.

2. I moved from Bountiful, Utah to Holladay, Utah. Same state--different planet. (Although the people in both places are remarkably attractive.)

3. I started taking cello lessons. Which doesn't seem weird because I've always loved the cello, but playing the cello opened my mind and caused my left brain to communicate with my right brain.

3a. Unintended consequence: I started to write like crazy. The next thing I knew I’d written a book and had ideas for others.

3b. Unintended consequence: Writing filled up my brain and I no longer had room for other thoughts. For example: What time does my daughter’s ballet start? Was cub scouts today? Am I supposed to clean the bathroom? Am I supposed to be nice? What were you saying? What was I saying?

4. I stopped worrying what my house looked like when people dropped by. This was HUGE!

5. Dropped out of PTA.

6. Gained a remarkable amount of weight--(Thus the diet a month agenda).

7. Became a brunette after a lifetime of blond

8. Not as sure of myself--but a lot more relaxed.

9. Went to work.

10. Although the real reason I KNOW that I am in a parallel universe is that I can listen to Led Zeppelin without going bonkers. This may not sound big, but it is definitely the proof.

During my adolescent years I truly thought Led Zeppelin was evil. I'm not kidding, Evil (note capital E). Plain and simple—no debate—the worst thing ever. I couldn't listen to them for a minute without feeling really creepy and a little disturbed. My husband is a huge music guy and Led Zeppelin is his favorite. When we were dating he would try to trick me into listening to them and I always changed the radio or popped out the tape. Usually without even realizing it was Led Zeppelin, I just became irrationally annoyed with the music. I couldn't even stand an Eric Clapton song that even sounded remotely like Led.

I can now listen to Led Zeppelin. Sometimes I even enjoy it and I appreciate the artistry. (Even having the ability to write that sentence surprises me.) Proof positive that I am not in the plane of existence I was before. So you tell me, should I try to get back?


  1. Nope! Love ya just the way you are. Blonde, burnette, early, late, working, not working, just doesn't matter.

  2. I wonder if this is happening to me. I used to listen to phone messages as soon as I got home and promptly took care of every one of them. Now I can go more than a week watching the red light blink and I DON'T CARE at all. Craig is perplexed.

  3. Thanks browniemom!

    Parry Particulars--I think this also come with just aging--although we are quite young still!