Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nutrisystem--What is it with all the portion control?

I’ve been on Nutrisystem for a week this Saturday. It has been really fun and hard. Every meal is like a new adventure. Sometimes it’s like going to the DMV adventure and other times its worse (It’s not all that bad—I’m saving that discussion for another day). The most striking thing is that nothing has to be refrigerated! –Perfect for food storage. It all comes in this large box with three cardboard tiers separating breakfast, lunch and dinner (and desserts mixed in). In case you can’t read they are color coded as well. It looks great in my pantry.

I laid out a whole day for you. I wanted you to see what it comprises. The bowls are full of veggies. So here is breakfast (muffin with a protein--egg) Snack is a fruit and milk. Lunch is freeze dried black bean soup, two servings of veggies and a fruit. Next snack 1 oz turkey and an apple. Dinner is a Nutrisystem entry, salad, veggie, fruit. Then in the middle at the back is a little desert bar.  (The five Diet Cokes in the picture our my own lovely addition)

I find myself always a bit hungry. I know that I need to get a grip on the portion control but seriously. I guess it is a major reality check. So in addition to the food they send you get to supplement with protein choices (dairy or meat), a little fat, fruit and lots of veggies. This diet actually reminds me of Weight Watchers with the portion sizes and the emphasis on fruits and veggies.

I also wanted you to get a good look at the food. I don’t think it looks much like the picture on the boxes.

Wish me luck—I’ve bought a month’s worth and I have to stick it out.


  1. Wow! Best of luck with that. Does it taste as good as our other freeze dried soups??

  2. Way to go Mom! Keep up the good work!

  3. Good luck. I can't stick to anything, so you're already doing better than I am!

  4. Leena - Yes it tastes about the same as those fab. freeze dried we tried!

    I'm not sure what the Chinese characters say.

    Liz - Thanks for the comment.

    Brodi - I'm not sure I'm sticking to this one!