Thursday, January 28, 2010

William James Quote of the Week

Last year my father introduced me to William James and his philosophy/psychology. Of course I had heard of him because he is one of the famous James brothers. (Henry is a novelist that writes like a psychologist and William is a psychologist that writes like a novelist.) I still found that I didn't know much about him.

 My dad mentioned the idea that if you want to change act "as if" you are already that changed person and then you become it.  I choose to believe that he mentioned that to me in passing, not because I needed to act differently! Anyway--that is beside the point as usual. The point is, I looked him up (William) and his quotes are quite amazing, so here we begin the William James journey.

Quote #1

"I don't sing because
I'm happy;
I'm happy because I sing."

Doesn't he look happy?!

Disclaimer: I don't think this applies to medical conditions such as: clinical depression, bipolar disorder etc. It's a little too simple for that, but I have found that in times of trouble acting happy can lead to feeling better!

I'm taking William James word on this today though. It is January after all and I believe happiness may reside in Hawaii. (Although I wouldn't know I've never been--tragic I know.)


  1. I like the idea that acting happy can lead to feeling better. Is that your secret to always being happy? If so, I'm definately going to try it.

  2. Yeah, that picture looks like the photographer caught him mid-laugh.

    Good words to follow, though. Except not Sam. He can't sing.