Monday, April 26, 2010

Life is Loud

I know it seems as if I've dropped off the map and I guess I have. Sometimes all you can do is live and that doesn't include anything extra--just the eating, sleeping, kids, work, and church kind of thing. No exploring feelings, making the bed, writing a chapter, or enjoying a long bath (okay I still seem to find time to do that) kind of thing. Just getting by with the bare minimum. Sometimes life shouts and everything else has to take a back seat.

In fact right now I am procrastinating what I really should be doing--packing up because we're moving Saturday. The moving is a really good thing and overdue. It is much more sustainable! I am into all things sustainable. Our mantra at work is sustainable, sustainable, sustainable and it has gotten into my bones. Where we are moving I can walk to the grocery store, restaurants, and the bus practically picks up my kids at the front door for school. Here's a funny fact--my current kitchen uses 16 lightbulbs (and that doesn't include under-counter lighting) I think the whole new house has less than that and it isn't even a dark house (Disclaimer: this may be a slight exagerration). It's smaller, but not too small and has a view!

So between winter sleepiness and getting ready to move I haven't had any extraneous thoughts--at least not the useful kind. A writer needs extraneous thoughts to write. I find life profoundly unsatisfying without those fleeting, wispy, luminous companions. I am going to find those thoughts, rip them out of the air and plant them back into my life where they belong. If life shouts I think it's time to take a deep breath and yell right back.