Friday, July 30, 2010

Lazy or Smart?

You know you're smart when:

You hire your oldest child to be your nanny!

You let each child have a night to cook.

You let each child do their own laundry.

You let each child clean the kitchen for a week on a rotating basis.

You move into a condo!

This summer has been NIIICCCEEE! and I am not LAZY!!!

You know you're in trouble when:

You get your haircut and nobody notices and then you have to point out that, yes, indeed you did get your hair cut, and then you ask if they like it, and someone who will remain anonymous says, "you didn't cut all the damaged parts out," and then you just start to cry.

You spend all summer reading the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" books and you have to stop yourself from saying someone's first name, then insert curse word starting with F, then the person's last name every time you greet someone. (Very socially unacceptable behavior.)

You can't walk out to your car after a workout without hobbling.

You are exercising by climbing stairs at the local high school football field and a man, who looks to be 70, runs past you.

You moved three months ago and only 1/2 of the boxes are unpacked. Then your daughter asks you where the Hunger Games is and you point to a storage room full of 30 boxes of unpacked books.

You want to see a movie every night instead of unpacking. If you're not seeing a movie then have to battle very large urge to drive away--very far away.

Registering for Junior and Senior high costs more than registering your car!

You have to take a nap every day at three.

Your ten year old stays up later than you.

It's only the end of July and your daughter is leaving in a week to go back to school and the other one is not far behind.

I know I say this often--but how does time move so fast.


  1. I always knew you were smarter than the rest of us. I love your ideas! Maybe I'll try a few. Next time you want to escape to a movie, I'm in.

  2. Cindy, I learned my best mothering tricks from you! You're the smartest mother I know!

    Liz, You're just too nice to me!