Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Emergency Fruit Cake - The No-Bake Variety

Here is the third recipe for fruit cake in my Grandmother's book. It is quick and easy -- has less fat, but loads of sugar. (That kind of sounds like butt loads of sugar - it has that too. Don't tell my grandmother I said butt loads--that is very vulgar.)

I am going to quote my Grandmother because I just love what she says, "Between a busy Christmas and New Year it is easy to run out of fruit cakes baked in November, and this no-bake fruit cake can be easily made to fill this void."  So I know you are all running out of fruit cakes right about now! So here goes an easy and fun version.

This reminds me a bit of Rice Crispy Treats, but made extra Christmassy by having graham crackers as the binding agent and of course lots of nuts and fruit!

No-Bake Fruit Cake

1 pound marshmallows
3/4 cup scalded milk
1 pound nuts (I used pecans)
1 pound of candied fruit (I only did a 1/2 pound - at husband's request)
1/2 pound currants (My addition to make up for lack of candied fruit)
1 pound of dates cut into pieces (I used the food processor)
1 pint bottle of maraschino cherries
1 pound graham cracker crumbs (Once again the handy dandy  food processor)

Melt marshmallows in scalded milk.  I also had a low heat on under the pan to melt them a little faster.

Mix all dry ingredients together.

Combine marshmallows and dry ingredient together in a large bowl. Then pour into bread tins. I just poured it into a large casserole dish because I wanted to cut it into stars.  It was so sticky that I had to use wax paper to get it at an even level.

This is the best part, my grandmother said to cover with foil and then let it RIPEN in the refrigerator.  RIPEN. I put it next to the Diet Coke so that it felt comforted as I do when I know Diet Coke is in the fridge.

I assumed it was ripe this morning so I cut it into stars.  I had to put this picture in again, because it is just so dang cute and very, very sticky! Only one more fruit cake recipe to go!


  1. Lol, ripen. That sounds terrible! Haha, I'm sure this fruitcake was delicious! I hope there's some left when I get home!

  2. EDEN. I think you have had a little too much Diet Coke. You are obsessed! Love these fruitcake posts. We need to get together, soon.

  3. My Dad can take an hour talking about fruit cake from his childhood. You posts have brought back memories. Wow the no-bake one is really something.

  4. Lulabell, we have lots of this for you, but watch out--fruit cake is surprisingly addictive.

    Si, I am obsessed--I am behind on everything else. It's a little crazy even for me.

    Heidi, Glad to hear from you!!! My parents are the same way about fruit cake. I blamed it on the Depression, but your dad is too young for that!