Monday, December 20, 2010

Hostess Fruit Cake -- The low of the season!

You make think that I've exhausted the whole fruitcake angle, but no, I have not! At a white elephant party last week I actually stole this 1 pound Hostess Fruitcake.

I stole it for several reasons:

1. I had never seen one before.
2. I currently have a strange and not altogether healthy obsession with fruit cake.
3. It was small 8 x 2 inches but quite dense at a pound.
4. I have enjoyed many a Hostess treat in the past.

I know it is unreadable here but here's the list:

1. 420 Calories per serving
2. 4 serving per package.
3. So every 2 inches has 420 calories for a whopping 1680 calories per package.
4. 72 g carbohydrates per serving
5. 12 g of fat per serving
6.  It says it expires on Feb 15, but doesn't give a year -- highly suspicious.

It sounds like that white paste stuff that you put in a 72 hour kit to keep you alive while help is on the way.

Well I ate a small bite.

A very small bite -- see that little bit gone from the bottom right hand corner. It was the worst thing I have ever tasted and I am an equal opportunity food eater--I'll try anything! It took a Coke Zero and a Tab to erase the taste. Too bad I don't have the ability to erase the memory. Was that too harsh?

(I have nothing against Hostess personally--but stick to Hostess Cupcakes!!)


  1. I have loved these for years and can't find them. Where did you buy it? I'm in NH. What food chains might have it?

  2. Cher,

    I received this from a friend who received it from a friend. I looked it up and there are some at the ShopRite in Washington, New Jersey. Do you have a ShopRite in NH? Good Luck!

  3. Here is the link if you want to buy it online

    Happy Holidays

  4. Egads. Yeah, I may have to save my money on something equally as tasty - like a Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper drink.

  5. OH NO !!! The "New" Fruit cakes that Hostess sells are the WORST things EVER MADE !!! Hostess USED to make the best fruit cake in the world until the 1990's when they got sold to another company and they stopped making their own fruit cakes....