Thursday, September 29, 2011

Arizona -- The Beautiful and the Bizarre

As you know if you read this blog--I love to drive. This love translates into encouraging road trips--I have an unwritten rule that if a destination is under 15 hours or so, we get to have some family togetherness in the car!

My husband loves music and often I combine my love for driving with his love for music.  When a band he likes isn't coming to Utah, but is coming within that 15 hour zone of fun I try to get tickets. For Dan's birthday I bought tickets to Jethro Tull in Phoenix (12 hours or so! Yippeee!) I know getting tickets to Jethro Tull dates us and is geeky proof that we are stuck in a music time warp, but there you are. (The Jethro Tull concert is a whole different blog post.)

I have never driven to Phoenix (I am not counting the debate tournament in high school--because we drove all night and it was winter--and I was in a school bus!). We approached from the Las Vegas side, after having a nice visit with some family there. Then after the rocking concert we drove home the other way through  Sedona and Flagstaff.

I came to one major conclusion, besides the fact that Arizona is beautiful, they have freaking strange plants! I kept having to pull over and take pictures. It had been an unusually wet spring in Arizona and almost every plant decided to bloom.

Do you think there could have been a few more prickles added to this stem?

This flower only bloomed at night and it was truly astonishing.

Doesn't this look like it needs to be growing on the ocean floor.

Time to grow--I know--sideways!

 Thumbs up!

I had to pull about thirty of these lovely little prickles out of running shoe with tweazers.

We're not in Kansas anymore.


  1. You always picture the desert being so bleak...but there are some really striking colors among those thorny bushes and plants. Pretty cool.

  2. Jethro Tull was awesome!! I just put that first picture as my background on my work computer this week! Wavelengthy!

  3. Wow! Besides being a fabulous writer you are a great photographer! Love those pictures! I never really thought of the dessert being a beautiful place!

  4. Sam--I was surprised how many plants there were out there.

    Danno--I'm still not sure what to say about the concert it was awesome and a little strange!

    Browniemom--Thanks and I couldn't get over how strangely beautiful it was!

  5. Beautiful photos! Besides being an awesome photographer, you must have a great camera.

  6. Thanks Claytons! I did get a new camera that I love last spring. I've been having a little too much fun with it.