Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Know I'm Crazy When. . .& 4 more days for you to win an Everneath ARC!

All right everyone 4 more days left in our "Everneath Arc Giveaway Extravaganza." Here is a quick recap of the rules:

1. Comment on Brodi's Blog
2. Comment on My Blog
3. Become a follower of my Blog

Then you are in the hat! I will choose a name out of said hat Friday at Midnight!!! (I thought midnight added quite a bit of drama.)  I will post immediately thereafter.

Now onto "I Know I'm Crazy When:"

1.  I become part of a fruit co-op and every Saturday morning I have to wake up at 6:15am to go get fruit and veggies.

2.  I blow dry my hair on my way to work by opening all the car windows and sun-roof. When I arrive at work I close my office door to curl my hair, hoping no one will notice I went in with fly-away, disheveled hair and came out perfectly coiffed.

3.  I keep getting optical migraines where I see glimmering, iridescent triangles and I don't think they are all that bad, kind of pretty.

4.  I join Weight Watchers and immediately have an unshakable craving for Carl's Jr. Jalapeno Burger (20 points), KFC Mashed Potato Bowl (18 points) and pizza (10 points a slice). There are about 30 points allocated a day. Who needs to eat the rest of the day?

5.  I like to jog, but it hurts my back.  I like to jog, but it hurts my back.

6.  I decide at 4:00pm on a beautiful fall-ish Saturday that I have to see Wendover, Nevada.  I wake up normal, buy my fruit, do my chores, go grocery shopping, watch a Lacrosse game, take a little nap and then have an unquenchable desire to see the Great Salt Lake, Salt Flats and Wendover, Nevada. I even try to talk my husband into it, but for some strange reason he wants to watch a football game--lame! (Because if I can talk him into it for some reason I seem less crazy!)

So, I set off on my own. Wendover is the arm pit of the west dessert, but it is wonderful in its unapologetic pandering to the vices of wayward Utahns--because no one else in the Universe would find it convenient to go to Wendover, Nevada.   It was just a 4 hour round trip--that's not too crazy--is it?

Take a gander at Wendover Will with his cigarette in his mouth. You would have to be crazy not to want to make the trip!

Now tell me when you know you are crazy.


  1. The only crazy one for me was the waking up at 6 in the morning on a weekday!
    I would love to read Everneath!

  2. I have to agree that was the craziest thing for me too.

  3. HOLY crap, that picture scared me!