Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm off to the Paranormal Ball-Should I wear a paranormal shoe to ensnare the paranormal prince?

I am going to the Paranormal Ball this weekend at the Las Vegas Valley Book Festival! Yep, you heard me--the Paranormal Ball. Why, you ask? Because that's who I am--I am a paranormal ball aficionado. I've been to them all (okay this is the first)!

Actually I am probably very close to one of those beautiful people who might go to a Star Trek convention--actually a paranormal ball is a step up from that--so all you paranormals out there--I am NOT dissing you!

I actually have a very good reason to go--besides the dressing up. My sister-in-law Brodi Ashton is the host with the most at the "Vegas Valley Book Festival YA Paranormal Ball!"  Honestly, this is just something I have to go and see for myself.

I am quite excited--I get to take two of my daughters and head off to the bright lights of Vegas. We get to dance, meet some pretty amazing authors, support gifted family members and maybe even dress up! The problem is now--what to wear? I have one more day to decide.

If you want to read a very interesting and informative discussion on why a Princess Leia costume would not be appropriate at a paranormal ball please check out Brodi's Blog.  Just for your information in that post I am NOT sister-in-law 1! (No offense intended sister-in-law 1, but it still had to be said.)

Here are some options--I could be an angel:

Technically these are cherubs!
He's no Angel baby--
Except he is!
I could be a vampire:

But isn't that just so trendy!

Could anyone really do vampire any better?
There are so many choices--fairies of course are in the mix:

So cute and deceptively dangerous!
There are: devils, demons, witches, mermaids, nymphs, sirens and the list goes on and on and on.

I think I am confident enough to just be Angelina Jolie--Don't even try and tell me that there is nothing paranormal going on there! (That goes for Brad Pitt too.)

So do any of you have any ideas?

You will just have to tune in next week to see what the final decision is! If I return at all--who knows what could happen at a paranormal ball!

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  1. I vote for Angelina Jolie! Go for it!

    Can't wait to see you there. I hope you're not expecting something amazing. :) But it will be so fun to hang out with books and book people!