Friday, November 11, 2011

What if I lived here. . .

One of the main reason I like to write stories is that I like to imagine what life is like in different settings with different people. I can't pass a house for sale or even rent without wondering what would it be like to live there. I can see possibilities in grand mansions and little apartments. So the other day I drove through the avenues and I saw this house.

When I was little and lived just a few blocks away I loved to walk by this house. I think it was yellow back then and I imagined that this was a good witch's house. There are a lot of witchy houses in the avenues, one in particular I would cross the street to avoid. I'll post a picture of that later. It was black with turrets and I thought it was very scary (now it's baby blue and really well maintained--disappointingly un-scary!).

Send a picture if you have a "What if I lived here house too."

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