Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Utah State Capitol Roaring

My daughter had an extra credit assignment that involved locating various architectural styles around town. I saw the assignment on my desk and made her promise to take me with her. So, when we had a little time after Christmas we went around town taking pictures. It was so fun and I got a little carried away. I thought I would start with Utah's State Capitol Building which I think is beautiful.

This is a bronze sculpture of Massasoit. It was made by Cyrus E. Dallin a notable Utah sculptor. Dallin was born in Springville and is famous for this sculpture of Massasoit as well as the Angel Moroni on top of the Salt Lake City Temple.  I found this out when I became very curious as to why Massasoit was greeting visitors to the Utah State Capitol.

Massasoit was the leader of several Wampanoag groups located around where the Mayflower landed and where Plymouth Colony was founded at the time of the arrival of the Mayflower. He probably helped save the pilgrims from starvation and has a very interesting history. While the history didn't match up with Utah at least the artist did.

After we paid our respects to Massasoit I spent a little time with the lions. As you can see I especially liked the lions!



Different light, different color,

Great down to the detail of paw and fur!

I had to include the mural of seagulls as well. What is a the Utah State Capitol for if not to immortalize Utah's great stories.