Friday, January 11, 2013

Resolution 2013 - Just Do!

I am a little famous for making resolutions. I like large ones that are pretty much impossible to keep, but I still like to try.  I can usually get a couple months out of them and learn a lot.

This year I am stumped.

I told myself that I would make them after I've had time to reflect on the past year. After the kids went back to school, especially after I put that last child on a plane, then I would have time to really think about what I want.
This past year has been a whopper in a lot of ways, some great--some not so great. I don't know if I am fortified enough to do something difficult. I jokingly told my niece at a New Years Brunch that my resolution was "More Bling in 2013," it kind of rhymes and it is easy. Just wear more jewelry--maybe get some thick gold necklaces with a dollar sign on them, or just wear some dangling, sparkly earrings.

Is that what has become of me--did I throw in the towel in 2012.
Well, not no, but heck no! There is stuff to do and by golly we are going to do it.
I am a big talker, but I am not always a big doer! I want to talk less and do more. This year I put a quote on my refrigerator that I love and I want to live by in 2013, "When we argue for our limitations, we get to keep them," Evelyn Waugh (who is a man, by the way, just in case you wanted to know). No more arguing for why I can't do things. That's just silly.
I went to a local artists open house this December.  His name is Ben Behunin and you can learn more about him at All the pictures in this blog were taken at his home (with the permission of his wife). All of the pictures are of things he created. It was inspiring and I've never seen anything like it. Every nook and cranny of his home was filled with beautiful, personal creations that he shared with us. We walked into his closet, his bathrooms, his workshop, his yard, his kitchen and ate cookies. I couldn't imagine the work they (he and his wife) had done in planning, creating and cleaning! We could buy some of his art at the end, but we didn't have to. I left feeling uplifted. What a nice way to make a living and to share your gifts.
So for 2013:



How's that for non-specific goals for 2013.