Thursday, November 4, 2010

Patience Is Not My Virtue


That is what my life is all about at the moment; waiting. There are exciting things just around the corner, but at the moment it's all about passing time. Hopefully not wasting time. I find that when I have a lot on my mind, but not a lot of ability to do anything about it, I get a little stymied, okay immobilized, no really it is more like paralyzed! Here are my solutions.

Eat chocolate - I have eaten a lot of chocolate over the last couple of weeks. Yes, the sugar devil is back (although it is 10 am and I have not had any sugar yet this morning - Yea!).

Join Twitter - I haven't tweeted yet, but I am building up my courage. I am enjoying other people's tweets though. I just learned that you should capitalize Twitter (proper noun) but not tweet (can be used as a verb and/or noun).

Take long walks in the beautiful Olympus Cove. It smells all piny and has been incredibly lovely this fall. I also love the architecture. There is a lot of very modern homes and the landscaping is unusual as well. They've really blended into the hill and there are only a few McMansions in my area.

Practice cello - My son has taken up Suzuki cello. That takes up time and also includes double tasking by letting me spend quality time with my son! Go cello.

Type aimless things into Google Search - Like, “Is there anybody out there?”  Well there's the Pink Floyd song, a website that lets you type in existential questions and a whole heck of a lot of people looking for ET.

There’s my sister-in-laws blog – If only she posted every day instead of Mon-Wed-Thurs. Here's the link Brodi Ashton.  She's also sold her first book - or in actuality a trilogy called the Ever'neath. I am so excited I've put her on a Google Alert so I get all the news. Yes, that means I am stalking my sister-in-law.

Check my bank account - Not empty, not full.

Check my children’s grades - Could be better – could be worse.

Avoid thinking - This I do in very creative ways and is a very large category.

Ways To Avoid Thinking

     1. Paint nails - I've painted my nails for the first time in years. I even pushed back my cuticles and moisturized them.

     2. See movies - often! At least once a week, hopefully more. I loved The Social Network by the way. Also does it seem like there are an awful lot of movies about old, retired, crazy, dishonored, disheveled, cast- out spies these days. Like, The Replacements, The A-Team, RED, The Expendables. Well I've seen all of those (Except The Expendables - that didn't stay in theaters long enough).

     3. Compartmentalize - I work out in the morning hard and then eat chocolate. They are totally separate. Food - exercise how are they related again?  When I have something that I have to do I just pretend that I don't know that I have to do it. I do it anyway, but I didn't have to think about it so it isn't painful. 150 cookies for the Halloween Party - not me, until 9:00pm the night before and they magically get done!

     4.  Watch every new show of the fall season (and every old show)! That does wonders - 3 hours can pass by in nothing flat. By the way, I love The Good Wife. I could watch Julianna Margulies forever. Just her eyebrows entrance me!  I've also discovered "On Demand" with Comcast. I can watch so many more shows - like Law and Order: UK. Did you hear me LAW AND ORDER: UK. There can never be enough Law and Order period.

I hope you endure waiting with more grace than me. If you have an idea, please let me know.


  1. Ideas:
    - Read wife blog! Always exciting in that ANYTHING could be said.
    - Play Lux (Risk) on ipod. Makes any of the wife's TV shows more exciting, like world war!
    - Download Limewire music. Oh wait the feds made them take that away from me.
    - Watch The Colbert Report with Lily... twice as entertaining.
    - Listen to Sky play Hymns. Ahhhhh!
    - Talk snakes with Joe!
    and my personal favorite,
    - Receive reprimands from not one but both of my college daughters for voting Republican... like they didn't know.
    Oh, and
    - Work out at the Sports Mall, so the wife will think I'm buff.
    Hope that helps. (from someone who is also waiting)

  2. I do believe you admitted to a "momentary lapse of judgement," Dad.

    By the way, now I really want to watch Colbert with Lily.