Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birthday Joy

My daughters did make me this adorable
and very yummy cake though!
I had  a panic attack the night before my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I realized I was going to be half of 88 years old and there was no way that I could claim NOT to be middle aged any more.

Then I started to worry that I hadn't done enough with the first 44 years. All those wasted hours of television, iffy novels, and sleeping. Then I had a terrible thought--the next 44 years could be worse. Harder things could happen (really isn't that inevitable after all).

I better stop writing; I'm working up to another attack.

I couldn't sleep all night and ended up watching HGTV re-runs deep into the morning.  Strange existential crisis.

Happy Birthday to me--and a nice cheery post to you!


  1. Happy Birthday Mother! I'm sure there is only good in store for your future!

  2. With you in my future Lulabell how could I ever fear!

  3. The nightmare is - only half of those 44 were with me, all of the next 44 are with me. ahhhh! Now thats scary!

  4. No that's just true and utter joy

  5. Not sure what is the big deal about 44 but it was Rick's turn yesterday and I am a little weirded out. Not sure why it seems harder than 40. I really can't figure it out...

  6. Heidi - 40 was a breeze for me. I have no idea why 44 is different--I am glad I'm not alone in that wonderful weirded out feeling!