Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back to the Counties -- Cheers to Carbon, Emery and Sanpete!

Lest you think I had forgotten the pledge to see all of the counties in Utah this year I thought I better post proof. It has not been as easy as I thought it would be to get it done, but we have managed to see 16 out of the 29 so far. I am hoping to squeeze in a few more during this long UEA weekend.

We did however have a great time in Carbon, Emery and Sanpete counties!

Cheers to the Emery County Parade and Fair

If you want candy, Otter Pops, and frisbees thrown at you as well as a chance to hug the Panda Express Panda, then the Emery County Fair is the place for you!

You too can limbo under the caution tape at the Emery County Fair on your way to see prancing horses, eat Navajo Tacos, and enjoy the world renown Lamb Fry.

Cheers to the Price City Wave Pool

May my children and husband forgive me for putting in this picture, but I couldn't resist. Visiting the wave pool may seem like a cheat for a Carbon County stop, but we were short on time and way too hot for anything else! If you ever have a change to go, it is fun and it also has an attached indoor pool with diving boards at various heights as well as a climbing wall. It is fun and by golly, I am counting it as a visit!!!

Then off to a quick rest at the beautiful Castle Valley Outdoors while we waited for evening to come because we were going to the Castle Valley Pageant.

Cheers to the Castle Valley Pageant

The Castle Valley Pageant tells the history of settling Castle Valley. It was Brigham Young's last decree before he died that people from beautiful and green Sanpete County should hop over the mountain to the beautiful and desolate Castle Country. It was faith promoting, sometimes hilarious, and well worth the time.

Chatting with the Pioneers folk

Come early, because before the show there are crafts and demonstrations.

The pioneers came over from Sanpete County on what is now Miller's Flat Road down to Joe's Valley. Today Miller's Flat is quite an adventure with a mostly passable dirt road that we decided to take--just like the pioneers. Only we were in a mini-van, it only took a few hours and we all made it in good health!

Joe's Valley Resevoir

Beautiful Miller's Flat road in lush Sanpete County!

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