Sunday, March 29, 2009

Who is that person? Part II

If it isn't already evident I'm dealing with a mild case of the winter blues in MARCH! I thought I'd gotten through the whole winter without a major descent, but then again it didn't stop snowing when winter ended. My experience with Seasonal Affective Disorder ("SAD"--isn't that just the cutest acronym) is a pulling in the center of my chest that makes me feel both tired and a bit sad. It's not too bad this year--definitely more a case of ennui. That's a more romantic way of saying, "I'm a little sad and don't know why."

Anyway, I'm pretty sure my ennui lead to the question I posed yesterday--Would the old me be disappointed in the new me. I've thought about it all day. I still come up with probably and I have an example.

When I was 18 I was with a good friend and we went to his sister's house to help her move in. They'd bought a house of someone I knew. Someone a little famous in our small community so I was very interested in seeing the house.

We were given the job of cleaning out the fridge. We did a bang up job. We pulled out all the drawers and shelves and really put some elbow grease into it. I remember thinking it was really dirty. There was old pickle juice under the drawers, some mildew in back and it grossed me out. I'm embarrassed by it now, but I complained about how bad I thought it was and finally my friend's sister said, "I think (fill in the blank with any semi-famous good person's name here) had more important things to do than clean her fridge."

I was taken aback. It seemed to me as if having some mold in the back of a refrigerator was a sign of bad character. This morning I took a good hard look at my fridge. I have really bad character. I hope in heaven we have better judges of character than 18 year old girls.


  1. I cleaned my refrigerator before my mother in law came to stay for a few nights. It took all morning because it was a mess, but I was so proud of my accomplishment! I can't imagine my 18 year old self even thinking of cleaning anything except my own very limited chores.

    When I was 18 my father commented that patience was not my strongest virtue, but today I often think patience is all I have left!!!!!

  2. Hey Em thanks for the comment. I have to admit you are very patient--especially with your sister!

  3. In regards to cleaning out the fridge...I convince myself that I don't have the time to clean it out. And I just figure that there is no need to, because the old stuff will just dissolve away, won't it?