Friday, August 21, 2009

Now Presenting--Atkins Results

I would like to state, For the Record, that I know this is a weird thing to do. I am a woman of a certain age, posting diet activity and weight loss on the internet. Even I think this is more than a little embarrassing and narcissistic. So I am trying to look at this as an effort to meet my goals, as an experiment and just doggone fun and I will not see it as pathetic--darn it! So here goes!

Final Statistics on Atkins Diet

Dates Followed: July 16th-August 21th (Plus next week)

Weight Loss by Week:

Week 1 = 7 lbs (WOW)
Week 2 = 2 lbs
Week 3 = 1 lb (Trip to Canada and lost weight!)
Week 4 = 1 lb (I’m seeing a trend here)
Week 5 = 1 lb (Yep, trend continues)

Total = 12 Pounds

Technically I will be on this one more week. So I will have to see if the 1 pound trend holds.

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