Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Be Careful or I’ll Bite Your Head Off Too!

Week 2 of Vegan ended last Thursday (Oct .1) and I lost another pound! So far as a Vegan I’ve lost 6 pounds. I feel fantastic physically. I don’t feel tired or lethargic—in fact I feel wired! Even without excessive caffeine.

Although I am a bit worried that I cannot seem to keep a thought in my head. Honestly I now know the literal meaning of airhead—because that’s all that’s in there.
Proofs of my air problem:

1. The other day I am putting the DMV sticker on my daughter’s car.
It is supposed to look like this example on the left, but instead of the '01 it would be 10 for the year 2010. I placed the sticker on the blank space next to last year's sticker. It now shows that her registration will expire 09, 09, 10. I was supposed to put it over the second 09. I know it’s very complicated. So instead of leaving it I try to tear it off and just manage to rip it in half. I place half the sticker on top of the second 09 and leave the other half where it is. See I can’t even write without being confusing. She will probably get pulled over countless times over the next year and have to explain about her crazy mom.

2. I go through a “I hate my hair color” phase every two years. Ordinarily I keep my urges under control with trips to the hairdresser for professional color enhancements. I had to cancel my appointment and I was stuck with two inches of ugly re-growth. I went and bought not 1, not 2, but three boxes of hair color. Two are blond and one is brown. I decided that I was sick of being blond and having to deal with re-growth so I choose the brown. It looked pretty good, but since I bought ash brown after a couple of days it fades to a nice mossy brown, mossy as in green. I then made an emergency appointment with the hairdresser and had her re-do it and now I have true brown hair.

I don’t know why I bought 2 boxes of different shades of blond.

The second thing I am worried about is that I am extraordinarily irritable.

I am an irritable airhead.

I’ve had to resort to telling my children—I am in a really bad mood so I am going to take a time-out in my bedroom--FOREVER. You really don’t want to bother me. I find myself snapping at whoever doesn’t understand my vague instructions or explanations. I find Smoky the Hairless Cat incredibly annoying and keep pushing him out of my room. Now that’s just sad.

I’m never hungry but I wonder if my subconscious is yelling for that cushion of over-eating it is so used to.


  1. Ahhh. The self imposed time out. I had one two weeks ago. Spent mine at Barnes and Noble. FUMING. It lasted for about an hour. We need a pic of that brown hair!

  2. Brunettes have more fun!!!!! And they look good while they are smiling! Cheers for the lost pounds. Amazing! I have to admit, for being one of the brightest people I know your story about your DMV sticker is pretty funny! Bad DAY! I think it definitely deserves a time out!