Saturday, October 10, 2009

Quick Vegan Stats

Week 3 ended Thursday, October 8.

I lost one more pound. 7 pounds so far on Vegan. Yea!

I guess the best thing to say about Vegan is that there is really no possible way of eating fast food. I haven't been to a drive through (okay, I have had Diet Coke at a fast food restaurant) in three weeks. I think it's been years since that is true. The diet should be lauded for that! It's been the hardest by far for eating out. Almost every vegetarian option at restaurants has cheese in it.

I found some great places for vegan sandwiches. I love Great Harvest for their hummus veggie sandwich. Rich's Bagels has a great vegetarian sandwich too. The Dodo's ginger carrot soup is amazing! Whole Foods has some great roasted veggie side dishes boxed up as well as a fantastic couscous salad! So there are great options, but I've had to search high and low to find them and I have to get out of my car to get them!

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  1. Good job Mom! Sounds like this diet works well for you!