Saturday, February 14, 2009

12 Pounds--That's a lot of Sugar off the Bod!

Just thought I'd do a quick heads up on the no TV and no sugar, low-fat thingamabob. Things are actually going well! Especially the food thing. It's now been over 6 weeks and I had one blow out day (I blogged the confession) and I must admit I had a day where I ate several handfuls of bridge mix. This coincided with the TV extravaganza day I had while sick! Then on four occasions I've eaten three M&Ms totaling 12 M&Ms.

I've eaten a ton of healthy food and I feel really great. I've got energy for the first time in a long while. I think sugar really makes me feel run down. I've lost 12 pounds in 6 or so weeks--I think that's pretty healthy and steady weight loss. The clothes are fitting much better and some are even feeling a little loose--Hurraaayyy.

Now, to the TV. I have not watched anything BUT Battlestar Galactica. It's been really interesting that the only show I actually really want to watch is BSG. I would not have guessed that in the beginning--I knew I would miss it, but not have it be the only show that I've actually broken the rules for. This brings me to an amendment to the TV rules. I may watch Battlestar Galactice and I may watch anything I want one day a month--just like the food. Is that bending the rules too far?


  1. 12 pounds! That is crazy cool! And, you know me, I will always support a BSG habit...

  2. i must admit... i have never seen BSG, but i feel like if that's the only TV you crave on your no TV rules, then maybe i should? also, i support all rule bending :)

  3. Thanks meg--it's really good to have your support on the rule bending thing.

  4. This is a very honest blog (from a very honest person :-))! It's true, TV is a total time suck but have you not seen 30 Rock? I think an exception is in order there, too...