Saturday, February 21, 2009


As I wrote several days ago--I've been thinking about things that are magic to me and I've made a list. The 2nd Avenue Garden really was when I first felt that there was something special to be had in this life, but there is so much more. That made me think of kissing! Kissing to me is like reading, you get to touch another person's mind and soul. (Is that too deep a comment about kissing?)

Here it goes. This may be crossing a line, but kissing is magical. There are many kinds of kisses. I won't go into the non-magical ones. I'm sure we've all had a few of those.

First is the kiss a child gives. In our family we give kisses that we call "Italianos" where we kiss one cheek and then the other. I love this. I love the way each child has their own smell and kisses just a little differently. One daughter is like a butterfly and barely brushes my cheeks. My son's are more like hugs as he lays mostly his cheek against mine.

Then there are first kisses. I've only had 6 first kisses. I was game for more I promise, but it seemed like the boys I dated had to work up some gumption to kiss me. I'm not going to talk about all of them I promise and of course no names!

My first kiss was a wonderful surprise. I was 16. I was at a leadership camp in the mountains of Colorado at Camp Cheley. I'd made friends with a very darling boy from Florida. We spent a lot of time together and of course I had the type of crush you can only have on someone you've known for 4 days and will never see again. At the very end we were all in this big circle holding hands and singing some very silly song you only sing at camp, for our good byes. He hugged me and then just planted one on me! It was an awesome. A perfect first kiss. I swear my lips were warm for a full day!

Then time went by and I finally had a boyfriend. It was someone I really liked--in fact I had liked him for two years. He was the kind of boy that I'd talk to on the phone to (secretly) until 3 in the morning. Anyway, after we'd been dating (way too long) he kissed me. We were in his car on the way somewhere and he just stopped and kissed me--totally cool! I had the conscious thought, "So this is what everyone's been talking about!" It shocked me how wonderful it was. I still remember everything about it--especially how his car smelled at exactly that moment--weird how the brain works.

Then my husband. When we were dating my husband waited 23 dates before he kissed me. Yes, 23 dates! We went out sometimes twice a week for 3 months before the fateful day. I was dying. The first time he kissed me I had again a very strong thought, "Man oh man am I in trouble." We're still married because the kissing is still magical, even though it's been almost 23 years since that day. Let this be a warning to him.

Kisses in almost all forms are magic.


  1. 3 in the morning, huh? Scandalous :P Great post, loved it as usual!