Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Let's Just Say I Love the Number 17

I bet your thinking, “Eden hasn’t blogged she must be embarrassed by her lack of Weight Watchers success.” To this I say—“You are wrong! I haven’t blogged because I am lazy and I had to read Catching Fire and had to do other important time wasting things.”

The first week and a half on Weight Watchers I lost 2.5 pounds—which almost puts me at the pre-NY weight loss. I will weigh again on Thursday—and I will report.

I am also quitting Weight Watchers on Thursday after three weeks for two reasons.

1. I love the number 17 and I want to stay on that as my change date.

2. I still hate it. I’m sorry. I know it is the most sensible plan, I know if I had a back-bone it would be the best, I know if I want to keep off the weight I need to be able to do this—but I can’t. I cannot keep track of everything I eat—and I cannot have so many choices. It boggles the mind and then it boggles the body!

If you have any ideas on my next diet email me quick. You have two days.


  1. First, You totally rock! 2.5 lbs! Second, what about Jenny Craig. It gets a bad wrap, but when my sister did it she loved it. All the food you buy there is yummy. Your meals are planned out, you don't have to think about what to eat, your portions are set. While you go through the program, they teach you what to do at home, but you see success by sticking to their program. Just a thought!

  2. Eden I totaly agree with Carey 2.5 lbs is great! Celibrate your wins!
    Another thought is I dont know if you are interested in trying to not as much moniter your food as add some Cardio but I have been doing my Wii Fit and walking. They also have really good video's for the Biggest looser its a work out but you also get to see really heavy people loose alot of weight its so motivating and I feel like if they can do it so can I!
    Just a thought!
    Good luck!!! XOXO