Tuesday, January 12, 2010

But MY Grandmother Was A Boden

Blog Housekeeping

I'm adding a bit of structure to my blog. I work much better with a deadline.

Tuesdays: "Various Topics of Dubious (Debatable? Distinct? Devastating?) Interest"

Thursdays: "Health, Diet and Fitness" or as I like to think of it "Square Two" since last year I made it past square one.

For 2010 a new diet each month continues. This is solely to keep myself marching forward. It will not be as strict and if a diet is really working I may stay on it longer than a month. I start NutriSystems as soon as the food comes--sometime this week. I will extend my reach into the health discussion by testing exercise gadgets as well as actually exercising. Who knew that it was important to exercise? What a surprise!

Weekend: "My Wit, Wisdom or Weakness Concerning Word Craft" or something to do with the "Elusive Craft of Writing."    Disclaimer--you may be exposed to my poetry or prose--proceed with caution.

Now onto Tuesday's "Topic of Dubious Interest"
You know when you think you've discovered something and then realize that you were actually about the last person on earth to discover it. I think this is something that happens to everyone with the Beatles--at least all my children. They listen intently to the music and create this intensely personal relationship with it and then cannot believe that anyone else's relationship could be as strong or insightful. Which in all actuality is probably true--for them. I've had long discussions (fights) with many of my children over what songs really mean, who is the best Beatle and who really is to blame for the break-up. It's amazing that a band can cause so much discussion 40 years later.

The same goes for pregnancies. If you hear anyone talk about their pregnancy & births--they were either the sickest person on earth or the healthiest. It was either the hardest delivery or the most beatific. Life is intense and personal and it is so hard to see beyond that somehow.

Well, about a year ago I discovered the Boden Catalog. It was love at first sight. It is classic, individual, quirky and the clincher is--its English! Even the name was just for me--my Grandmother was a Boden. Never mind that the clothes aren't great for anyone with hips, of which I have ample supply. I still love it. It's a little pricey for me so I bought a couple of items on sale. I then went to church. Walking ten rows in front of me was the vest I'd coveted displayed adorably on a model like 18 year old girl. It was distinctive enough that there was no way I could buy it. Then I went into Primary and the music leader was wearing the shirt I just bought. Then in walks another primary worker and she is wearing the other vest and skirt I was thinking of buying next. Drat! They all looked fantastic!! Double drat!! I certainly didn't want to be caught in an US Weekly style--"Who Looks Better Comparison."

How depressing to have everyone in the neighborhood have such good taste!


  1. Boden catalog came in the mail yesterday! Ellie and I went over it with a fine tooth comb! We never buy, but we love to look! Beautiful! And if you are related...maybe you can get us a discount.

    I can't wait to read your blog 2x a week!!!! We are so lucky!

    I also loved the Beatles and I was lucky enough to have a brother play their albums non-stop in the room next to mine...now my children continue the obsession and I get to hear their music on CD, the piano and acappella! They are usually surprised when I join in and actually know the words!

  2. I loved reading this post! I too, will spend hours and hours pouring over the Boden catalog wondering what I want most (when it goes on sale) knowing that I won't see myself everywhere- unless I come to your ward.:) I have missed seeing you and love reading your blog! You have a way with words! Where are you guys moving too-hopefully not too far away. How are all your kids doing?
    Steffanie Clark