Friday, January 9, 2009

Fat Cow Syndrome--It really is a disease, not a British insult.

I spent all day today at work reading and writing about Fat Cow Syndrome. It is an actual problem that leads to all kinds of problems in the pregnant and post-natal cow! It leads to metabolic disorders, infections, difficult calving, retained placenta, metritis, displaced abomasum (one of those pesky stomachs), mastitis, ketosis and milk fever. Just to name a few.

Guess what the treatment is--it boils down to basically eating less, eating fiber and exercise!

It sure was a graphic and informative day. Cows are just a little gross especially when they're sick, and I got to be treated to so many wonderful pictures and drawings. Honestly it was fascinating.

Not that I drew any unflattering comparisons, but how could you not. Cows are just these really big mammals. I don't want to be a perfect example of Fat Human Syndrome. I want to be an example of Sleek and Sexy Human Syndrome!

Thus I've made it to the 9th day. By the way--as I suspected the TV thing has turned out to be much easier than the eating thing.

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  1. Wow, mom, you are learning so much. Love the heading by the way!