Friday, January 2, 2009

Guilt Inspiring Gifts

My darling daughter Lily--the one we've already met--with all the wishes. Well, she gave me a wonderful, thoughtful gift this Christmas! It's a Mom's Plan It Daily Boxed Calendar. It gives mothers wonderful advice on what to do each day.

I'm only on the second day of the calendar and I am already declaring myself an unfit mother.

Here is yesterday's advice "Icky, sticky toys! You wonder how you'll ever get them clean. Plastic figures, tub toys, and plastic blocks can be made sparkling clean by running them through the dishwasher." Suddenly I'm aware that I've had five children and never cleaned their toys! Arggghhh! I'm okay though--My youngest is 9 and we've had no major epidemics so maybe it's okay.

Then I get today's advice, "The next time you're at a scrapbooking crop, take a few minutes to make some lunchbox notes." I find two problems in just that first sentence: 1. When "at a scrapbooking crop" 2. "lunchbox notes"

I do not scrapbook, I tried with the first two kids, but I found I'd rather be tortured by sitting on a red ant hill than continue. Plus everything I did for them looked awful--I ruined pictures, glued things in wrong and made a great big mess. So the kids receive a big box with all their memorabilia in it and I say dig in.

The next thing I am loath to admit--I don't pack my kids lunches. I have a sister that packs 8 kid's lunches every day--She is amazing. I don't seem to function right until about 10am and lunch packing happens before then. If my kids want a home lunch they have to pack them themselves--I provide the food and the paper bags. I also generously pay for the delicious hot food they are served at school.

Whereas I love Lily and the thought of the gift--I am afraid, very afraid to look at tomorrow's helpful advice.


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  2. Eden - I too have never washed my kids toys. And one time when in a lesson someone suggested writing a note on the napkin in your kids lunches, Mike leaned to me and said "They use napkins?" Your blog makes me laugh, so I decided to stop lurking and make a comment!